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The Washington Workforce Association (WWA) is a nonprofit non-partisan membership organization of the twelve Workforce Development Councils (WDC) of Washington State. The twelve WDCs are business led boards that coordinate and leverage workforce investments and strategies with stakeholders from education, economic development, labor and community based organizations to advance the economic health of their respective communities through a skilled and competitive workforce.

WDCs are certified by the Governor of Washington State with agreement from local elected officials under the requirements of the federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998, which calls for a comprehensive system to provide America with a highly skilled workforce that competes in the global economy.

WWA provides information, training, tools, and recommendations to policy makers, workforce development professionals, Workforce Development Council members, and the community at large to help make informed decisions about how to invest in workforce strategies. WWA works in partnership with other statewide, regional and national organizations advocating for a coordinated, funded system focused on the needs of job seekers and businesses.




Please see the WWA 2013 Workforce Policy and Legislative Framework.

Click here to download in PDF format.






The Washington Workforce Association is pleased to present its PY13 Annual Report for the twelve workforce regions in Washington.

The report (PDF format) can be accessed by clicking here: WWA Annual Report PY13.




Local Elected Official role in Workforce Development Act


Please read our paper, “Local Elected Official role in Workforce Development Act” (PDF format).






Download the October 2013 Assessment of the Effect of Work-Source Job Search Services (PDF format).