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Promoting Workforce Development in Washington

WWA is making it happen!

The Washington Workforce Association is working to make sure our communities have the best jobs in the global economy, so our people can continue to have secure and rewarding lives. We are expanding the middle class and strengthening our society.

How? We are building the best-skilled, most adaptable workforce in the world. That means our communities will have a competitive advantage, so we can attract and grow the best businessesand the best jobs for our people.

In other words, we're not worrying about the global economy. We're planning to lead it for decades to come.

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The Crisis in Workforce Development

The Need for a Talent-Driven Economy

How WWA Works

The Crisis in Workforce Development

Youth Preparedness
One third of our children do not graduate from high school on time.
Many of those who do graduate are not ready for the workplace.
Even those going on to college have serious skill deficiencies.
A large population that does not contribute to our economy.
A large population that can not support themselves.
High cost of re-teaching basic skills before teaching job-specific technical skills.
Worker Adaptability
We don't re-skill our workers when their skills become obsolete.
Companies that need the new skills of the modern economy go elsewhere.
Laid-off workers can't land a good job again.
This is a Crisis for our Economy
We are ignoring a major structural weakness in our economy.
A structural failure will occur.
Our economic decline may be sudden or gradual, but it is unavoidable if our skills base keeps eroding.

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The Need for A Talent-Driven Economy

For a vibrant economy, Washington must have the most talented workers in the world. Period. Overseas economies will beat us on cost and regulatory environment. We must compete based on quality and innovation, and that means highly skilled workers.

For our economy to thrive--for our people to have excellent jobsour businesses, labor, schools, colleges, social services, and government must all work together toward a single clear goal: to be known throughout the global economy as the place to find highly skilled, highly adaptable workers. The talents of Washingtonians must be second to none.

If we achieve this, our economic future is secure. BUT WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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How WWA Works

pic of talented folks
The Washington Workforce Association is making it happen. Our network of Workforce Development Councils throughout the state brings all of the major players in every community together to build the most talented workforce in the global economy, right here in Washington. Together, we work with local, state, and federal policymakers to make sure that Washingtons economic future is brightfor all Washingtonians. The Washington Workforce Association (WWA) stands up for your future as federal and state policies are crafted.

WWA is a major voice as Congress discusses new laws to modernize our workforce. We hold press events on Capitol Hill, and bring Washingtons cutting-edge employers, Washingtons educators, and Washingtons employment and training experts together with our Senators and Representatives. Because of this, Washingtons Congressional representatives are some of the best-informed and most active supporters of policies to skill up our workforce.

WWA is a major voice as state policy-makers make decisions. We have created new programs for companies to train their existing workers on new skills. We have created outreach programs to inform high school students of the opportunities available in the modern economy right in their hometowns and created scholarship programs so these high school students can get the focused training they need to reach their goals. We have brought funding to Washington to help people with disabilities access employment and training resources, so they can be included in the opportunities of the talent-based economy. And we work every day to make sure Washingtons one-stop employment and training system, WorkSource, continues to be the best in the nation.

Visit our  policy  page to see examples of our work to assist in the development of sound public policy for workforce development.

WWA is making it happen. The more people who join our effort, the greater our influence.

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